The Rating System

I use a personalized system for rating, mainly because I think the actual rating system is garbage if King's Speech is rated R just because he says fuck more than once. For a detailed explanation of the system, see the rating system page.

Content Warning Policy

While you're browsing through what I've made, you might see a ⚠ next to a work. Don't worry! Much like AO3, I have a few "major" warnings and the color of the ⚠ symbol will tell you what's being warned for.

The five things I quick-warn for are: incest, cannibalism, murder, consent issues, and character death. I picked those five because they're the things that come up most often in what I make and therefore the most appropriate. Further details on any ⚠ can be found by clicking "Content Warnings" under summary.

Any fanwork where multiple warnings out of these apply will have a plain black .

  • Incest: For the purposes of this masterlist, and because I'm in some terrible fandoms where this is an actual Issue, incest is defined as any two characters who are in some way related and in a relationship. So yes. Sora/Roxas counts as incest. "Fake" incest such as Iris/Barry on The Flash also counts. Any combination of Tatiana Maslany characters on Orphan Black is also something that counts. The symbol for incest will always be orange.
  • Cannibalism: Any fic that involves the consumption of human flesh, whether or not the consumption technically counts as cannibalism, is tagged as cannibalism. So yes. Tokyo Ghoul and Jupiter Ascending fics could possibly be tagged this. The symbol for cannibalism will always be blue.
  • Murder: Any time someone dies directly because of another character, it'll be tagged with a murder warning. This includes things like Ashley refusing to open the door for Chris in Until Dawn (in other words: voluntary manslaughter), but does not include things like Chris going to look for Ashley. The symbol for murder will always be red.
  • Consent Issues: Anything where a character engaging in either sex or kink with another character cannot make an informed decision (whether that's because of prearranged terms or altered states such as alcohol or drug use) is tagged as "consent issues." Things such as uneven power dynamics (think Damen and Laurent from Captive Prince) also sometimes fall under this tag depending on the focus of the fic. The symbol for consent issues will always be purple.
  • Character Death: The simplest warning label! If a character dies onscreen, then it falls under this—although not if they were already dead before the story began (such as zombies). The symbol for character death will always be brown

RPF Policy

Shakespeare wrote RPF, so I don’t find very much wrong with writing it too. I don't purport to be writing true things about the people I'm writing about, unlike any horror movie you may have seen recently "based on true events," so you can save your shitty RPF rant for some other person. If it bothers you that much, write some porn about me and then we’ll be even. You can even send it to me and I’ll be properly scandalized. Well, I’ll pretend to be anyway.

HOWEVER, and this is a very big however, just because I've written it doesn't mean you should link it to the people I've written about. I've been through that whole song and dance before and it's unpleasant, so use your common sense, please. This whole site is fanworks by a fan for fans.

Remixing Policy

You're free to remix* anything I've ever made with one small caveat: the remixed work must link back to the original. This isn't about credit, honestly, it's about keeping works that are in conversation with each other in conversation.

If you want to shoot me a link to anything you've made based on something I've done, feel free!

* Remixing includes, but isn't limited to, the following: podficcing something I've written, creating fanwork for my stuff, writing fic set in the same universe as one of mine, basing a fic in a different fandom on one I wrote. It doesn't cover rehosting my writing or claiming it as your own. If you're uncertain about something being remixing, you can always shoot me a message. I'm pretty easygoing, so don't be afraid. :)