The Rating System

Ratings are bullshit, which is why this masterlist uses a completely arbitrarily tomato-based sauce rating system. Honestly, it’s just a simplified version of the MPAA’s rating system where the ratings have quirky names because I thought it would be cute. It’s much simpler than the title makes it sound. There’s only three ratings in this system!

  • ketchup: suitable for most tastes and something that I would feel relatively okay telling to a toddler as a bedtime story (roughly equivalent to G or PG)
  • bbq sauce: contains swearing or other saucy elements that make it unsuitable for a small child, but perfectly ok for any teenager and the general public (roughly equivalent to PG-13/15.)
  • salsa: sex, kink and other hot actions that would probably be replaced with […] in my diary if I had one (roughly equivalent to R/NC-17)

And that’s it! However, each post is only tagged with one overall rating so in general some of the posts with rather large dumps may have a higher rating than some (or even most) of the individual content within the post deserves.